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UPDATE May 22, 2015: We lost our appeal at the Superior Court.

The story was covered here by the Toronto SUN.
The allegations were false and we were treated unjustly by the HRTO. Unfortunately, and to our surprise, there was no appeal process available. Our only recourse was to take this case to the Divisional Court not for retrial, but for review. In other words they had to figure out whether or not the HRTO had made a legal mistake in their decision. We suppose they did what they could. Had we the option to retry the case, we would have won.
This case has ruined our reputation and our health. Our standards and integrity are what have kept us in business for 40 years in this city, and to have the public believe that we discriminated against our staff was a huge personal blow that we haven’t been able to recover from. Patrons that dined with us for years stopped coming overnight, we received menacing calls and emails and we continue to read hateful comments about our family and business online. This has been devastating and extremely frustrating.
We’ve come to learn that the HRTO has a very high conviction rate and no appeal process. We made the mistake of wearing the truth like our shield and didn’t represent ourselves properly. The public, especially small business owners like us, need to know that there are misguided individuals that are profiting from the free legal counsel and systems that were put into place to protect those who actually need it. This is really happening. As soon as our story made it into the press in December 2013, we received dozens of calls and emails from business owners that were wrongfully convicted on discrimination charges at the HRTO and lost their businesses. People were furious, and their stories were horrible. It’s extremely disheartening to be added to that list.
This has been the most difficult thing we’ve ever faced as a business, and above all as a family. I suppose our greatest mistake was that we were naive enough to think that justice would prevail and it did not.
Thank you for your support and please leave us your comments below.

ORIGINAL POST Aug 30, 2014

You might have caught wind of a discrimination lawsuit filed by some of our ex employees in December.  This has been the most disappointing, challenging thing we have ever faced in 40 years of business in Toronto.

Hi, my name is Paul Bigue.  My wife Danielle and our son Stephane are the owners of Le Papillon on the Park, at 1001 Eastern Avenue in Leslieville / The Beach.

Our latest restaurant, which opened in 2009, is a testament to our passion for what we do and our love of the Leslieville and Beach communities – our favourite neighbourhoods in Toronto. We are proud business owners in this area also live in this community and had looked forward to a long future here. Unfortunately our dream has been hindered for the time being thanks to the actions of a small number of isolated individuals who have damaged our reputation and our business.

Our kitchen crew today

Our kitchen crew today

On a Friday night in January 2011, our chef Abdul Malik (a 17 year employee), his nephew and sous-chef Arif Hossain (a 12 year employee), as well as a friend of theirs, Nahid Ashfaq Islam, marched out in rage and did not return because we required them to train a new female cook. Fortunately, we were able to retain a few chefs from a friend of ours and re-opened the next day until we found permanent replacements.

In response, Mr. Malik went to the Ontario Labour Relations Board and filed a complaint of discrimination. The Board thoroughly investigated, found his accusations to be unjustified, and denied his claim.

Not content to accept the judgment of the Labour Relations Board, the three individuals filed false claims of discrimination against my wife Danielle at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO), and asked for $100,000 in compensation. They received free advice from the Tribunal as well as free legal counsel. In other words, they had absolutely nothing to lose.

Six months after our hearing and thirty one months after we were cleared by the Labour Board, Tribunal adjudicator Judith Keene found us guilty. Because the HRTO is not a court of law, there was no appeal process available to us. It is also famous for its 96% conviction rate. Devastated, we have taken our case to the Ontario Superior Court in order to reverse the HRTO decision.

Meanwhile, last December the Toronto Star wrote a one-sided story which perpetuated the falsehoods, harming our reputation and in turn impacting our business.

STAR Article

It remains on the front page of Google search results six months later. Our sales this year have dropped by 20%, which, coupled with our lawyers fees (past and present) resulted in us not being able to discuss the case until it has gone to the Ontario Superior Court. We were advised that risking a PR blow-up on such a touchy subject could bankrupt us, so we kept our public reply short and formal even though it frustrated us enormously to do so.

We have operated restaurants in Toronto for more than 40 years with the utmost integrity. We have great respect for the men and women we have had the privilege of working with, and consider them members of our family. We will defend our reputation and refuse to allow a few misguided individuals to destroy our good name and a business that employs 25 (wonderful) people. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Please share this article with anyone that might be interested

I thank you, along with my wife Danielle and our son Stephane, for taking the time to read this letter and thank the loyal friends and neighbours who have continued to lend their support and patronage. If you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to contact me. We welcome anyone to meet our staff, take a tour of the kitchen, and see for themselves what the kitchen working environment is like.


Paul Bigue

77 Comments on “HRTO Case”

  1. Sherri

    Hi Paul,

    How very sorry I was to discover that you had closed your wonderful restaurant. The circumstances must have been devastating for all of you.

    In the early seventies I along with George H., a good friend of yours, would enjoy many evenings of fine food, ambient atmosphere and camaraderie.

    Hoping you and your family are well now and may our paths cross again some day.

    (I had an Old English Sheepdog named Boot :)

  2. Maureen

    Hi there,
    I am so sorry to hear you have had to shut down! I will admit to only being in your restaurant and that was in the late 60’s early 70’s.
    but I have thought about it as the best meal I have ever had and just looked you up to make a reservation. Your little place was amazing I think at the time it was an old house. Very tiny. Fab staff and food!
    The people that set out to ruin reputations for their own personal gain should be jailed!
    Again I’m so sorry you have had to close

  3. Elizabeth Sellwood

    We supported your establishment for many years, during and after the trial and its outcome. It gave us joy to dine there. We celebrated special occasions, but also went for relaxing times with good friends, fine food and drink. So thank you for all the years of fine dining, and for giving us such memorable times. You are missed.

  4. Jim Dandy

    Can’t help thinking of the damage the kitchen staff have done to sensible, dedicated and hard working members of the Muslim faith. Of course one cannot deny work, accommodation, etc., based on race creed, colour, orientation or social status. I don’t recall anyone saying no for these overt reasons in recent history but when there are 100 applicants and 10 in the top group, those left out will not be told, ‘We don’t hire Muslims’ or anything similar. They just get a ‘Sorry’ and another gets the job. Every person of that faith should disown these radicals and hope these 3 didn’t destroy many innocent lives with their greed.

  5. L.S

    Working just down the street, my regular lunch on Friday’s was soup and crepes. I’m truly sorry this has happened. Will miss you and the wonderful staff, who were engaging and kind. Come back stronger, and soon!! All the best, à bientot

  6. Randy McCall

    Dear Owners,
    I have been a patron for 25 years and also a pub owner. Your establishment was one of the few that remained over the years and only got better. You and many others are vicitms of wrongful accusations and casualties of our biased to lose legal process. My condolences. You will be missed. This is just a pit stop. Start afresh. RM

  7. Phil

    This is typical of This poor excuse for human beings that run this biased council. Of course it’s run in Ontario by that biggest pig at the trough, Barbara Hall. She couldn’t feed from the public trough as a mayor, but her bureaucratic buddies got her this patronage job, so she can continue her parasitic ways. I hope there is some way down the line to get these unfortunate merchants their just reward.

  8. Michelle Laforge

    I have been a frequent patron of Papillon’s since 1980. Never once have I ever had a bad meal or bad service. It is a sad time in Toronto’s history at loosing a fantastic restaurant. I never believed any of the allegations made against them. It is truly a loss and I will miss it dearly. In the event you re-open somewhere else, drop a line – I am and will continue to be a supporter.

  9. Veronique Rigault

    Quelle sale histoire!Je vous ais toujours considere comme justes et honnetes apres 10 ans et 1 jour comme employee.Quels bandes de SALOPARDS.Bizous.Veronique.

  10. steve

    My parents, wife and I have eaten at your wonderful restaurants for many years and always appreciated your dedication to outstanding food. There is a wonderful Latin expression which I remember when things get tough: Illigitimi Non Carborundum – “Don’t let the bastards get you down!” Our thoughts are with you !

  11. nicolas Schoueri

    I had a similar case with a different fabricated story.
    Please can you contact me by email.
    Thank you

  12. Liane de Lotbinière

    Vraiment désolés. Depuis l’ouverture vous nous accueillez, notre petite aimait tellement aller au Papillon, vous allez nous manquer. Il faut prendre soin de vous et faire le progrès à l’avant. Bon courage. Liane, Joao et Poème

  13. Margaret and Bernard Lawrence

    We are so sorry t learn of the closure (temporary I hope) of Le Papillon Park. It has long been our favourite restaurant, both in its present location and on Church Street, and we were so looking forward to a meal there soon with our whole family. What has happened to you is so “politically incorrect” and wrong and we are so sorry.
    Margaret and Bernard Lawrence

  14. J.M

    I live in the neighborhood, loved dining in the summer on the Papillon patio and just recently learned of it’s closing.

    I am completely disheartened by your experience; saddened even more that the outcome somehow it is not as shocking as it most certainly should be.

    Our legal system that offers free counsel so readily perpetuates an injustice in the ‘playing field’. False allegations are profitable to make because free legal aid allows a party to have nothing to lose but only to gain.

    If the Labour Board’s investigation found no merit to the accusations why was free legal aid extended? Perhaps should investigate the misappropriation of tax dollars for funding legal aid in inappropriate circumstances.

    As former employees false accusations have destroyed your livelihood, health and reputation a civil lawsuit perhaps?

    I offer my condolences to your tragic loss.

  15. Alan Johnson

    We are shocked by your treatment by the HRTO – it’s incredible that you were treated in such an appalling manner. If you decide to reopen, we shall be there. It seems that one has only to be accused of being a racist to be found guilty. So much for fairness!
    All the best,
    Alan Johnson

  16. Amanda Lawson

    I was heartbroken to hear the news of Le Papillon Park closing! The memories that I made and the people I met while working at Le Papillon will last a lifetime. I wish all the best to Paul, Danielle and Steph in the future. Don’t let the haters get to you!

  17. Charles Hawkins

    This past summer my wife and I bought dinner for two at a school auction and were saving it for our anniversary. I came to your website and found out this horrible news. This ruling hurts everyone including the quote endquote victims. Working together this mattet could have been resolved and a Toronto business would still be open, oh and my wife and I wouldn’t be out a few hundred bucks.

  18. Mcleods

    We did not know the owners personally but we absolutely loved this restaurant and would go there for birthdays and anniversaries every year. We r so sorry to hear this story and how our broken system has resulted in such an injustice.

  19. Virginia

    I’m so appalled by this. And I am so sorry this has happened to you. Ironic they claim discrimination when they discriminate against a woman chef. I had been coming to your restaurant since 1978. I cannot imagine how this has affected you lives.

  20. Linda Dyer

    I am extremely sad that my favorite restaurant has closed. I have been going to your restaurant for 35 years and I always felt the love from all the employees that worked there over the years. Hard to believe these men would go so far because they did not want to train a female chef. What can we do to help you open the restaurant ?

  21. Andrew Neary

    Incredibly Sad moment for the City of Toronto when a system like this fails to protect honest business owners and the passionate and law abiding staff they employ. I’m disgusted to hear this news but confident the persons responsible (including those at HRTO) will get what the deserve.

  22. Brad

    Great blog and discussion. I feel the need to comment. HRTO is a sickening organization. I’ve been twice in my career, paid my way out twice for employees who were obviously coached on what lies to say. Your options are pay to defend and pay or pay to defend and not pay. Tribunal judges like to find a ‘settlement’ meaning you WILL pay to make it go away even if you are obviously innocent of any wrongdoings.
    Everything is free for employee. Great system. It’s the most corrupt of all of them, (WSIB was even worse years ago).
    I don’t know enough about this story to pass judgment – but I can sure attest to the fact that it’s extremely possible you have been royally screwed for actually doing nothing wrong and suffering even more for standing up for yourselves and demanding the truth.

    If only there were some free no strings attached legal recourse so you could sue the government for your loss of business….

  23. Dr George B Miller

    My wife and I live in Waterloo, Ontario. Papillon has always been our favourite restaurant when we visited our son in Toronto. He had given us a gift certificate for Christmas and we were looking forward to another wonderful meal in your establishment. We were very sad to hear of your loss.

    Tribunals have always been a recipe for terrible miscarriages of justice. They are set up in a way that dispenses with the standard of proof required for proper criminal trials. Hearsay, gossip and innuendo are not just tolerated, they are actively encouraged, producing a culture of social bullying that has produced injustice over and over again for centuries. This puffs up the egos of those who think of themselves as righteous, but leaves victims littered in their wake who may only be absolved years later by historians.

    I’m sorry you’ve been caught up in all this. Your restaurant was superb and Toronto is definitely diminished by its absence.

    George & Athelene Miller
    Waterloo, Ontario

    1. Dr George B Miller

      I spoke to my son a short time after writing the above message. He gave me the real story of the “gift certificate.” He knew that Papillon was our favourite Toronto restaurant and wanted to give us a gift certificate, but when he asked for one at the restaurant he was told that they “didn’t have any”. He assumed that they had just run out. So the “gift certificate” I received from him was actually printed by him and he intended simply to pay for our meal when we came down to Toronto. This means two things:
      1. Neither my son nor I are out of pocket.
      2. The restaurant had the opportunity to make a lot of money issuing gift certificates that could never be cashed. They chose not to. Another indication, I think, that these owners are ethical business people caught up in a money-making scam.

  24. Lawrence McCurry

    I would like to speak with the owners and maybe some of the staff for a story I’m writing for the Feb. edition of the paper. What happened to you is a travesty of Justice and the editor of the paper would like to make this the feature article for the next edition.
    Could you please contact me with a contact phone number or to get mine to set up an interview?

    Thanks- Lawrence McCurry –

  25. Dave

    I have to say, didn’t read your case after the photograph of your kitchen staff, if that’s the kind of evidence you walked in with no wonder you lost. I’ve been in graphic arts and design for years, and really, that is one poorly thought out edit, halos around everyone and the fact that the lighting was completely different for the people in the foreground than the rest of the kitchen…and is that even your establishment’s logo on the chef’s jacket? lol

    1. admin

      Sorry Dave! That was the result of a studio light that our friend Amanuel placed behind them. He’s a photographer.

  26. Claude Francoeur

    I worked at Le Papillon amid a great atmosphere and RESPECTED by the owners, never seen or heard any discrimination. I continued through the years as a client and always enjoyed being greeted by Danielle or Paul or Stephane. The food was consistently delicious and the creativity of the menu was excellent, outstanding service.
    I am really disturbed at the “discrimination” allegations and believe that at the end of the day, those 3 “S….. B…..” will get some bad karma.
    For the clients who dropped Le Papillon, you were not worth the food served to you.
    Le Papillon earned my full support . Hope to see you soon !!
    Claude, Céline, Anne May, Sonia, Françoise,

  27. Jeff Wasserman

    Very sorry for you. I only found out when I went to make a reservation for my wife’s birthday at her favourite restaurant. Thank-you for the good food and times we have had at your restaurant. Life is rarely fair. All the best.

  28. Lisa

    I’m so sorry to hear that you have closed, and how hard this ordeal has been for you. My family and I have enjoyed many years of coming to your wonderful restaurant. In that time, I only ever witnessed professionalism and respect from you towards your employees. Let us know when you are ready to start again. We’ll be the first in line, eager to feast.

  29. sukie

    How unfortunate. I completely support you. Good luck with your next endeavour. May bad karma follow those ex-employees.

  30. Tonestaple

    So, as I understand it, the Muslim employees did not want to train a female employee. Because? Their religion forbids close contact with marriageable women (forgetting the fact that no sane woman would marry any of these men)? IF that is the case, either you or your female chef needs to sue these jerks for everything they have for sex discrimination. I’m sure it’s not legal to refuse to work with someone because of her gender so I would think your female employee would have the best case. It’s past time to turn these wretched employees and the stinking “human “rights”” “tribunal” on their heads.

  31. curtis

    Sad but I have read many stories involving the HTC or its more infamous name Canada’s kangaroo court. Good luck to you in the future.

  32. Bill

    the Human Rights appointees are a bunch of agenda driven activists that will never make just decisions – they are creeps and bums of the highest calibre. HR commissions were the worst social invention Canada has ever experienced. And HR law is the most destructive law ever created.

  33. Kim

    This is not about a restaurant, but is about the discrimination of Islam.I’m from Milton Ontario and just this past summer,an all boys Muslim soccer team refused to allow girls to play against them.They lost this case.They were told it would be discrimination to not allow girls to play.

  34. Simeon

    I used to write political and social commentaries for a few small publications. I was accused of writing something defamatory against the Muslims, the complainant was a defeated provincial Liberal. The article in question was deemed unoffensive as no specific group was mentioned.
    The owners and editors of the publications knew all the while it would not go forward,, the costs and the aggravation it caused everyone had me stop writing.

  35. Denise Rogow

    I remember reading about this case and I was livid. I have been well aware for some time now about the Litigation Jihad that muslims pull…they do this now on a regular basis to gouge $$ from unsuspecting people. Many times in the news we hear about muslims applying for and getting jobs in sectors where they CANNOT work because of their ideology…but they lie about it! Our so-called Human Rights Commission is a joke – it’s as bad and as biased as the despicable UN – which is mostly muslims member countries now. I am sharing this story far and wide!

  36. Mary

    In the future, do not hire any more muslims..they have shot themselves in the foot and spoiled it for everybody else..shame on themselves and on the so called human rights bunch..

  37. Colleen Dogterom

    Alberta also has an extremely dangerous Human Rights Council, which has hurt many businesses like yours with the same faulty evidence. It is time that we require our government to get these Councils under control. So sorry to hear about your ordeal.

  38. Mitchell J.

    I too was dragged into the HRTO and was scammed for a large sum of money by a claimant who is professional and vexatious litigator.The HRTO is a kangaroo court whose only job is to award money from hard working business owners so that they can justify their existence.They have no empathy for business people,in fact I think they hate hard working and successful business owners.
    Especially under Trudeau this process will become more dangerous in the future.Anyways we have taken many steps to protect ourselves from these scum bags.

  39. Christina Smith

    Dear Danielle,
    I have only just found out today about this terrible ordeal that you and your family have had to go through.
    I am so sorry for all of you, as I know you well to be an honest, sincere, warm individual whom I have never seen be disrespectful to anyone (including employees) in the 20 years that I have been patronizing Le Papillon.

    I found out when I went to your website in order to make a reservation at the Eastern location particularly, which is a reservation long overdue.

    I support you thoroughly and plan to make this reservation without reserve.

    I hope that you get through this.

    See you soon!


  40. Madeleine

    I do not know enough about the case but if I were you I would remove the comments which appears on top from Cirel and Michael Danso. They really sound like plain racists, if you like what they say I am afraid you might deserve what happened.

    1. admin

      Thank you, you make a good point. I did not mean to condone that what was said in that message by replying to it. We have agreed that everyone (favourable or unfavourable) has a right to discuss this on our website though, so we’ve left the comment there.

    2. Sunshine

      Please, DUMP the word ‘racist’. It is being used and overused – the same as bigot, islamophobe and whatever – to prevent people from expressing their honest opinion and debating the only ideology that is causing so many problems.

  41. larry

    This page tells me you have not learned anything at all about reprisal and being vindictive.

    Yes, the hrto has a high rate of decisions that go to the applicant if the case makes it to trial. But only if it can make it through a very high bar system which requires at least a prima facie case. All you had to do was prove it didn’t happen. I suspect you chose not to make any amend or apology about what is claimed to have happened (now proven). Pride goeth before a fall…and fall you did.

    I agree that frivolous and vexatious actions can occur…but that is true in all legal venues.

    The fact that this blog exists at all sends me the message that you want to point the finger of blame at anything or anyone else instead of getting on with business and conducting your affairs in an appropriate and dignified way.

    1. admin

      This blog post was our only means of voicing the frustration, pain and betrayal we felt after being labeled racist on national television in 2013 for something that we did not do. I understand that this is difficult to understand without having lived through it.

      With all due respect, I invite you to review your comment as you don’t come across as someone well versed in the subtleties of appropriate and dignified conversation.

    2. Sunshine

      Larry: You can’t win when it’s three witnesses against two or less people. And when Islamic practices are involved in the lawsuit, you are certain you will not win regardless of the number of people testifying on your behalf. The U.S. is a fine example of this where less and less employers are willing to hire people from Islamic faith because of incessant and frivolous lawsuits.

      HRC does not have a high working standard. They will take up almost any case involving a complaint brought by a Muslim and I’m not aware of any case whereby HRC ruled in favor of defendants.

      Case in point: A few years ago in Ontario, the owner of a factory decided to hire new immigrants of the Islamic faith. He gathered his staff in cafeteria to welcome the new employees. He made the mistake of saying ‘I appreciate visible minorities’. Guess what happened?

      These new employees went to HRC and complained of humiliation. They were offended by those words. They won! Factory owner had to pay $7,800 for offense.

      HRC is a dictatorial organization whose only goal is to inflate its apparatus and budget by taking up the most cases in can.

    3. George


      What you appear to be saying is that HRTO operates on a principle of “guilty until you prove yourself innocent”. In this case, according to you, all that Le Papillon had to do was to “prove” that the incident did not happen. And all that the accusers had to do was make an accusation.

      Welcome to the new Canada.

  42. Sara Hamilton and David McCallen

    Dear Paul and Danielle
    We found out what you’ve been going through from our nephew Darrin Jones, who has eaten several times at your wonderful restaurants, including enjoying family occasions with David and I. He was very sorry for you. We can’t believe this. We know how hurt and mad you must be.
    Paul, we’ve known you for over 30 years now. We were privileged to celebrate with all of your staff at each of your new locations as they opened. You were all one big happy family.
    Why does everything that’s created to aid people in our society turn bad like a quart of milk? These human rights advocates and lawyers have learned to profit rather than help.
    Adoption agencies and mental health organizations all desperately need overhauling and policing.
    The article we read of May 22 by Veronica Henri might have a positive effect, hopefully. She paints you more like the victims, which you are.
    Love you guys. We often think of our good times together and all the help you were to us, Paul.
    Always, Sara Hamilton and David McCallen

  43. gege

    I hope this opens the eyes of other employers, why can’t they work in a veggie restaurant the best of luck to the owners – horrible way to learn a lesson, should have reviewed their restrictions and terminated from there if u cannot do your job out the door!!

  44. Angela Inglis

    I am truly saddened to hear that your appeal was overturned and outraged that these folks got away with this discrimination against Le Papillon on the Park. Human Rights is supposed to represent both sides of the issue but regretfully this is not the case. I have known your mum and dad for forty years, and I only ever saw harmony and respect shown to their employees and couldn’t in my wildest dreams have thought anything like this situation from your Muslim staff would rear its ugly head. It certainly would never cause me to not visit your restaurant, as it is one of the most pleasant atmospheres in the city. Stay strong and just give it time and this will be all behind you and you will have my support no matter what.
    Is the Toronto Star that desperate?

  45. pierre hamel

    Dear Danielle, Paul and Stephane,

    We are sickened by this totally unfair and unjustified decision by the OHRC. We’ve known you for 40 years; we know what kind of people you are; we know how generous, kind and fair you have always been. Never in a million years would you have been capable of such treatment of any of your employees. It speaks volume that 2 of the complainants stayed in your employ for 12 and 17 years.
    You have been through so much over the years, but somehow always managed to overcome whatever challenge came your way. Don’t let this one beat you down. People from all over are behind you and in time the truth will prevail. If you are to go the crowdfunding way, do not forget to let us know.

    Much Love

    Pierre and Bruce

  46. Tony

    It’s been awhile since we were in to see you guys. But keep the fight fresh & don’t give in. Good luck and see you soon.

    It’s a crying shame that those who arrive for a better life forget why they came in the first place.


  47. Lorne Ross

    How can we support you? Crowdfunding? Special nights to bring in the thousands of people who have been victimized by the OHRC, just as you have been? I’d join. I’ve ben there. I’ve seen the jack boot stupidity and prejudiced views of their so-called “investigators”. You are definitely guilty in their minds as soon as you re charged.
    How can we help/

    1. admin

      Thanks for your message Lorne. Good idea – we’ve considered crowdfunding because the response to last week’s SUN article was tremendous. Anything to get this in the news and make people aware that it is happening. The flip side is that this has been very difficult for our staff, family and business, and re-opening the door to all the comments and threats that we’ve received is something we’re hesitant to do. If you have any suggestions, please email us at Thanks again – we really appreciate it.

  48. Happy

    I know Paul from the original Le Papillion in the mid 70s. I’m still in touch with three people who worked there then. I’ve seen this process at work on several occasions. It isn’t a problem with the groups that claim discrimination (often rightfully so) as much as it’s a product of a broken system which makes it far too easy to make some money by telling a lie.

  49. m anderson

    you should try to get the female to sue these miscreants .. !!!
    actually I would be suing everyone in sight …. !!!
    40 years in the industry .. I have seen all the scams I care too … !!!
    Unbelievable situation …
    cheers ….

  50. Tom and Mary

    We love your food, we love your restaurant, and we love you!

    Mary and I were there on Sunday night and I can’t wait to go back (it’s Thursday)!

    See you soon!

  51. Akisha

    Its these types of stories that i can’t understand why we even have these types of services/organizations. The HRTO is backwards. They allow things like what you went through to pass but when some real things happen they are quick to ignore it. It’s my fierce opinion that the only way you win at the HRTO is if you give “donations” to them. I’m sorry that you are going through this. I’m not a business owner but, I’m going through something similar. I hope your business picks up and I hope you will win at the Superior court.

    1. admin

      Thanks Akisha, we’re fighting this in Superior court tomorrow. Sorry to hear that you’re in a similar situation, and we hope that you find resolution. Good luck.

  52. Jeff

    What a sad story for so many reasons. We expect that if more people knew they would be shocked as we were.

    Sad story aside, we hope fabulous food, brilliant location & delightful service will prevail and we will always support that! 😉

    All the best,


  53. Chris

    My name is Chris, I am the owner of Crepe It Up! I’m not completely sure the accusations about your former employees’ claims.

    I do understand the pain and frustration that you are going through because I went had gone through the process with the human rights. I find that there were many problems with my adjudicater’ s decisions at the human rights tribunal.

    Feeling unsatisfied with the decision, I applied for reconsideration which got denied.

    I did not give up, and many time fell into depression. I couldn’t let it go and would not let people take advantage of me. Finally I took it to the divisional court and had represented myself because I could not not afford a lawyer. My case got overturned.

    Based on my experience, I do not have faith in the Human Rights tribunal system because of the people that work there. They are a one minded on a one sided issue. They will write their decision and make it seem logical from their own interpretation without properly consider the respondent’s evidence.

    I hope my story will help give you strength in the up coming battle.

    Good luck!!!

    1. admin

      That is absolutely encouraging! It’s a tough experience and I’m glad to hear that you came out of it. Chris, thank you so much for your message. I’ve forwarded it to Paul and Danielle.

      All the best!

  54. Chris Ann Dillon

    I lived in Toronto in 1974 and re visite LePapillon in my dreams remembering the wonderful crepes and experience. I live in Connecticut in the States….you have touch my life. You mean well and are artisans and discrimination is not on your “to-do-list” You are too busy creating wonderful food.

  55. jamila bieber


    J’ai eu l’honneur de faire votre connaissance il y as des années. J’ai toujours apprecier la bonne humeur des patrons et l’hospitaliter reçue. Vous nous avez accommoder avec nos enfants (des fois très bruyant!)avec sourire et compréhension.
    Vous sortirez de cette situation vainqueur! Car votre personnalité et professionalism sont imbattable. Bon courage durand cette dure epreuve :)

  56. Shirley Decooman

    We tried to Vote by clicking on the blue, click here button, but nothing happens, is there another way we can Vote?
    Shirley Decooman

  57. Shirley Decooman

    Hi Paul and Danielle,
    I am so glad to hear that you are fighting these accusations. As a retired Director of HR, I totally understand your situation, unfortunately there are individuals who are ill advised, and think it is an easy way to make money.
    Our Company went through a similar situation, and the arbitrators always seen to take the side of the employee, even when you do everything right.
    My family and I love your restaurant, and come as often as we can, we totally support you, and hope this will bring you a more positive outcome.
    Good luck, and keep up your good work.
    Shirley, Kelly and Geoff.

  58. cyrel and michael danso

    We are still fans of your restaurant and knowing you both , we are sure that these “useful Islamic idiots” saw a plan to use the Canadian system to get undeserved money. Shame on the HRC and the Toronto Star which is anti Canadian, anti -Caucasian, anti Israel and continues to support innuendo and lies.
    Your food is the best. Your ambiance is lovely. Your staff is warm and cheerful. You have the best French and Quebecois restaurant in Toronto, in our opinion and we support you completely. See you soon.
    A bientot
    Cyrel and Michael Danso

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